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Juicy BadAzz | Detroit Hip Hop Femcee

Meet Juicy BadAzz, a rising female rap star from Detroit's west side.


Bad Azz by Juicy BadAzz (2018)



Stay on Your Hustle by Juicy BadAzz featuring Boosie Badazz (2017)

The music video for song "Stay On Your Hustle" by Juicy Badazz featuring Boosie Badazz was directed by Joe Yung Spike, produced by Cash Clay and published on WSHH's Youtube channel 10.4.2017.


Juicy BadAzz aka Magical Juicy

Juicy Badazz, a distinguished artist and wordsmith hailing from Detroit, MI's West side, began honing her musical prowess at a tender age, stepping into the recording booth for the first time at 12. Her journey took a significant leap with the 2012 debut mixtape 'Choose Juicy Vol 1', alongside the release of the video for the single 'Cold'. In 2016, she shook the industry with her groundbreaking single 'Stay on Your Hustle'.

An independent artist, Juicy defied norms, garnering immense support and amassing a dedicated fanbase at a time when the industry wasn't as receptive to unsigned talent. The turning point arrived in 2014 when she caught the attention of the legendary Boosie Badazz, earning the coveted title of the First Lady of Badazz Music Syndicate and Entertainment. The electrifying collaboration 'Stay on Your Hustle', featuring Boosie in 2017 resonated globally and has gained over 2 million views (2023) on Youtube alone.

Beyond her musical accomplishments, Juicy wears the hat of a single mother raising a teenage son, aspiring to embody the role of a philanthropist by mentoring young girls. Her ambitions span fostering healthy lifestyles, crafting an entrepreneurial legacy, and serving as a positive influence.

With an unwavering passion for both people and music, Juicy remains committed to using her art to inspire. Currently based in Atlanta, GA, she's immersed in songwriting and crafting a new project. Her sights are set on global expansion, aiming to elevate her brand to an international scale. In 2024 she is gonna rebrand herself from Juicy BadAzz into Magical Juicy.

Juicy Badazz epitomizes stardom, her tireless grind a testament to her dedication. In her own words, 'You can do whatever you believe you can do…' - a mantra echoing her unwavering belief in boundless possibilities."


In Order To Receive & Radiate Positive Energy You Have To BE That Energy! BEING That Energy Starts With Eliminating (Our Own) Negative Thoughts, Feelings & Actions! - Juicy BadAzz


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