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Cryssy Bandz Music Videos

Cryssy Bandz is an up-and-coming female rapper from Brooklyn, New York. With her firey style and soulful sound, her rap anthems have been gaining recognition in the music industry since after releasing her first single, "Alkaline". Since then, Cryssy has been featured in interviews on various platforms, as well as collaborating with other artists.


Here I Come by Cryssy Bandz (2023)

Lola Brooke remix music video 'Here I Come'  by Cryssy Bandz was directed by MannyPiqs in 2023.



Finna Talk my Sh*t by Cryssy Bandz (2021)

'Finna Talk My Sh*t' music video visuals were made by Alexia G Shot It of Safehouze Studios in 2021.



Big Booty by Cryssy Bandz (2021)




Be Mine by Cryssy Bandz (2021)




No More Parties remix by Cryssy Bandz (2021)




Come from Rags by Cryssy Bandz (2020)




What's the Price by Cryssy Bandz (2019)




Cryssyana (thotiana remix) by Cryssy Bandz (2019)




Crush on You by Cryssy Bandz (2019)


Cryssy Bandz

Growing up in the tough neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York City, Cryssy Bandz draws inspiration from her inner-city roots. Influenced by iconic artists like Biggie, Puff, Jay-Z, and the raw energy of Bobby Shmurda, Cryssy Bandz introduces a fresh and captivating blend of smooth and raw flows. With just one song, she'll have you hooked.

Motherhood has only fueled Cryssy Bandz's motivation to share her music with the world. Her unique perspective and defining style are already making waves. Her 2019 single "Halo" featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie showcases her ability to differentiate herself from the current female rap stars dominating the charts. Cryssy Bandz aims to add a new and vital voice to the thriving hip-hop scene.


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