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Cryssy Bandz Music Videos

Cryssy Bandz is an up-and-coming female rapper from Brooklyn, New York. With her firey style and soulful sound, her rap anthems have been gaining recognition in the music industry since 2018 after releasing her first single, "Alkaline". Since then, Cryssy has been featured in interviews on various platforms, as well as collaborating with other artistss.


Finna Talk my Sh*t by Cryssy Bandz (2021)




Big Booty by Cryssy Bandz (2021)




Be Mine by Cryssy Bandz (2021)




No More Parties remix by Cryssy Bandz (2021)




Come from Rags by Cryssy Bandz (2020)




What's the Price by Cryssy Bandz (2019)




Cryssyana (thotiana remix) by Cryssy Bandz (2019)




Crush on You by Cryssy Bandz (2019)

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