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Charmaine Music Videos | Zimbabwe Femcee

Meet Charmaine, the Zimbabwean-Canadian female rapper taking the music scene by with her unbridled energy and captivating sound. Charmaine's 2022 minted Juno Award for Rap Single of the Year for her hit track "Bold" solidifies her status as one to watch.

What was Charmaine's secret sauce for great start? A delectable blend of hip-hop attitude and irresistible hooks that have captured the hearts of fans across the country. And let's not forget her sartorial prowess – she knows how to work a music videos or red carpet like a seasoned pro.

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Charmaine has amassed a devoted following of over 38,000 on Instagram alone.

Charmaine's path to pudding stardom hasn't been smooth sailing. In a candid chat with Q's Tom Power, she shared tales of her modest beginnings and the hurdles she had to clear along the way. Undeterred, Charmaine remained steadfast in her pursuit of excellence, churning out chart-toppers like "DOUBLE DUTCH" and inspiring young women everywhere to tap into their inner reserves of strength and self-confidence.

“I believe if you really genuinely believe in the talents that God gave you, you can accomplish anything,” Charmaine


JEEZ by Charmaine Featuring Paris Richards (2023 remix)

The remix music video for song 'JEEZ' by Charmaine featuring another Toronto based female rapper Paris Richards was created by Frocasso (@frocasso) x NT (@bynttt) in 2023.


Hood Rat S*it by Charmaine featuring Chenzehn (2023)

Summer and poolparty themed music video "Hood Rat Shit" was directed by Goldiglock and released on Youtube 19.7.2023.

  • Directed By: Goldiglock | @goldiglock
  • Co-Directed By: Charmaine
  • Videographer: Goldiglock
  • Assistant Videographer: TreyTwinx | @mrtreytwinx
  • Edited By: Charmaine
  • Photographer: Alia Jackman | @aliajackman
  • Styled By: Charmaine x Chenzehn | @chenzehn.x
  • Hair By: Charmaine, Chenzehn, Asia Shauntai and Kayla Richards | @iamasiashauntai & @mskaayriich


Bad Bitch Mentality by Charmaine (2021)

  • Director: Jacqueline Ashton
  • Technical Director: Benny Tan
  • Assistant Director: Ashley Gheerawo
  • Producer: Monique Hinds
  • Transport Services: Justin Sanderson
  • Projections/LX: Matt Eckensweiler
  • LX Swing: Sandro Petrillo
  • Set Designer: Matt Eckensweiler
  • Camera Team: Darrell Wonge, Adam Bialo, Samuel Iannicelli, Meagan Greaves
  • VTR/Playback: Britny Elias
  • Photographer: Anthony Tuccitto
  • Audio Playback: Meagan Greaves
  • PA: Farida Macauley, Kyle Visser
  • Hair: Judiann Richards
  • Makeup: Dolce Rosa
  • Stylist: Alexis Kandelas
  • Choreography Team: Mark Samuels, Wayne Samuels
  • Dancers: Aryanna Silvera, Jordanae Hyatt
  • Editor & Colourist: Samuel Iannicelli
  • Location and Production Services: Studio AM
  • Executive Director: Anil Mohabir



Bold by Charmaine (2020)

Beauty salon themed music video "Bold" by Charmaine was produced by Lantz & David Ariza and published on Youtube 15.10.2020. “BOLD” is infectious and unapologetic track of a message of empowerment, self-love, and confidence.

  • Director: Isiah Blake
  • DOP: Nina Djacic
  • AD: Jason Bourke
  • Steadicam Operator: Greg Paraskov
  • Production Designer: Claudia Dallorso
  • HMU: Jasmine Merinsky (Charmaine)
  • Wardrobe: Bobby Bowen (Charmaine)
  • HMU: Ray Allison (Additional Talent)
  • Wardrobe: Shirin Nadjafi (Additional Talent)
  • Editor: Red Barbaza
  • Assistant Editor: Mikka Quinsac
  • Colour + Finishing: Artjail
  • Production Company: Common Good
  • Additional Female Talent: Golden M, Katherine Gayle, Lindsay Fuentes, Kyauna, Clarke, Amy Sylla
  • Additional Male Talent: Adam Q, Miguel Angeles, Jeff Blake, Troy Hermanstyne

“I want people to feel like they can do anything. Be anything. They don’t have to pretend to be something they’re not. I want them to feel like stepping into their own power. To be BOLD is to be fearless, unapologetically you. To be able to see and understand that you are worthy, and you are amazing and beautiful. Particularly as a black woman, we’re often told to tone ourselves down. Not any mf more!!” Charmaine



As the first black woman to snag a Juno Award for Rap Single of the Year, Charmaine is breaking barriers left and right.

In Juno Awards 2022 Charmaine was asked about how she made her first rap single, she emphasized the significance of acknowledgment and visibility for female artists in rap and hip-hop. She explained, "At first, I was signed as a singer, so I was creating a lot of songs with singing and R&B vibes. Then, one day, I walked into the studio and my producer asked, 'Would you like to give rapping a try?'... Even though I've always had a passion for rap music, I never believed I could actually become a rapper."

Her commitment to both her craft and community serves as a shining example of her devotion and ambition. With her star still on the ascent, rest assured that Charmaine will keep making waves in the music industry for years to come.


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