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Bree Bree music videos

Bree Bree is a Jamaican Dancehall artist, and she is known for her use of catchy rhythms and fusion of dancehall, hip-hop, and reggae. Her sound has been described as "happy and uplifting".


Eva Bless by Bree Bree (2023)

The music video 'Eva Bless' is all about sweet dancehall tunes, moves, twerking, colorful outfits on sunny day at city streets, and it was produced by Royalty entertainment, filmed by Rayebann entertainment and edited by Lyrical N3rd in 2023.



Dat a Dat by Bree Bree x Jahvillani (2022)

The song 'Dat A Dat' by Bree Bree featuring popular dancehall artist Jahvillani was produced by 1Royaltly entertainment and shot by KhingCam visuals in 2022



Problem by Bree Bree (2022)

The 'Problem' music video by Bree Bree was produced by Sasaine Music Records and edited by Lyrical N3rd (Rayebann Entertainment) in 2022.



Rich by Bree Bree (2022)




Work It by Bree Bree (2021)




Hot Like Summer by Bree Bree (2021)

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