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Ametria Peridot Music Videos

Ametria Peridot is a female hip hop artist and singer from Detroit, Michigan.


Pay How You Weigh by Ametria Peridot x Eastside Eggroll (2022)

'Pay How You Weigh' music video by Ametria and Eastside Eggroll was directed and produced by Exclusive Visions Productions in 2022. 



Money Talks by Ametria Peridot (2021)




Satisfy by Ametria Peridot x Jalen Jewelz (2020)




Buss It by Ametria Peridot (2020)




760 music pt.3 by Forever Meech featuring Ametria Peridot, GT, Drey Skonie & Champagne Jane (2020)




My Bag by Ametria Peridot (2018) 


Who is Ametria Peridot 

Ametria Peridot is a female rapper, model, actress, singer, event host, entrepreneur, world traveler, and philanthropist from Detroit, Michigan. She has been releasing music and music videos on YouTube since 2018, including "Money Talks", "Vibe" and "Buss It".

In addition to her music career, she has also worked as an entertainer, event host, and actress. She has appeared in many magazines all over the United States, Canada, Paris, Nigeria and London. In 2019 Ametria was a guest on 88.1 Detroit and was interviewed about her music career and her “Girl Code GCode” brand. 


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