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Positive Adjectives That Start With D "Descriptive Words"

Do you dare to put these dainty and dazzling describing d words into use? I'm sure you do. 


Dashing List of Positive Adjectives Starting with D

It's time to develop and "decorate" your vocabulary with these driven and dynamic positive words.


Adjectives Starting with Da

Daffy eccentric or strange often in a way that is funny.
Dainty delicate; elegant in form or manner; fine; delicately beautiful, pretty or charming.
Dandy fine; good.
Dapper very stylishly dressed; neat; lively; elegant; pretty; brisk.
Daring bold; adventurous; courageous.
Darling cherished; dear; favorite; amusing or charming.
Dashing spirited; elegant; audacious; fashionable; showy.
Dauntless invulnerable to intimidation or fear; intrepid; undaunted; bold.
Dazzling brilliant; splendid; extremely bright, impressive, skillful or beautiful; astounding; shining and shimmering intensely.



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Adjectives Starting with De

Dead-on completely or exactly accurate or correct.
Dear greatly beloved; cherished; greatly valued or precious; high-priced; ardent; heartfelt; worthy or noble.
Debonair courteous; affable; attractive; affable; genial; urbane.
Decent respectable; morally upright; fair; good enough; comely; well-formed.
Decided definite; without question or doubt; free from vacillation or hesitation; clear; evident; resolute; determined; positive.
Deciding having the quality or power of deciding; able to determine outcome.
Decisive conclusive; having the power or quality to decide; unmistakable; beyond doubt.
Decorative ornamental; serving to embellish or decorate; used to make something more beautiful or attractive.
Decorous characterized by dignity, propriety or good taste.
Dedicated loyal; conscientious; committed.
Deep having great importance or meaning; profound; thick; large in size or quantity; intense; strong; extending far.
Defiant bold; challenging opposition.
Definite free from doubt; indisputable; certain; determined.
Deft dexterous; clever; handy; skillful; adroit; fit; neat.
Delectable delightful; delicious; greatly pleasing.
Deliberate intentional; carefully considered; having awareness of the likely consequences.
Delicate lovely; graceful; alluring; luxurious; smooth; dainty.
Delicious very tasty; highly pleasing to the senses; addicted to seek enjoyment and pleasure.
Delighted joyous; joyful; greatly pleased; filled with delight and wonder.
Delightful highly pleasing; bringing pleasure, enjoyment or satisfaction.
Deluxe elegant; sumptuous; luxurious; superior and rich in.
Demonstrative serving to demonstrate, manifest, prove or show.
Demulcent soothing; softening; assuasive.
Dense compact; thick.
Dependable worthy of trust or reliance.
Depurate freed from impurities.
Descriptive classifying or describing in an objective and non-judgemental way.
Deserving worthy of aid, reward or praise; meriting.
Designer created or conceived by a designer.
Desirable suitable; worth seeking or having, as by being pleasing, useful or advantageous.
Desired wanted intensely; highly desired.
Desirous eagerly wishing; solicitous.
Destined destined; determined; appointed.
Determinate definite; conclusive; settled; resolute or firm in purpose; final; positive.
Determined resolute; decided; confined within bounds; precisely marked.
Developed mature; civilized; disclosed.
Developing arising; becoming.
Devoted zealous; dedicated; ardent; consecrated; vowed.
Devotional suited to, pertaining to or used in devotion.
Devout earnest; sincere; hearty; expressing piety or devotion.
Dexterous agile; skillful; artful.



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Adjectives Starting with Di

Diaphanous light, delicate, and translucent (especially fabric).
Didactic morally instructive; perceptive.
Die-hard strongly or fanatically determined or devoted or resisting to give up.
Different various; diverse; distinct; not the same; unusual.
Dignified respectable; expressing or having dignity; stately; showing or having self-esteem.
Diligent performing with care, intense focus and concentration; assiduous; industrious.
Dinkum real; genuine.
Diplomatic marked or using by sensitivity, tact and shrewdness in dealing with others; artful.
Direct frank; lineal; candid; straightforward.
Disarming capable of allaying suspicion or hostility; winning confidence or favor.
Discerning shrewd; acute; sagacious; perceptive; sensitive; having good judgment or keen insight.
Disciplined under control; possessing mental discipline; trained mentally by instructions.
Discreet distinct; differing; free from pretension; modest: unobtrusively sympathetic and perceptive.
Discrete distinct; separate; disjunctive; individual.
Discriminating perceptive; analytical; distinguishing.
Dispassionate not affected by bias or prejudice; calm.
Distinct very clear; marked; variegated; different; notable; easily perceived.
Distinctive having a special quality, attributes, style attractiveness etc.; notable; different from others; capable of being classified.
Distinguished noted; specified; characterized by excellence or speciality.
Distinguishing characteristic; peculiar; distinctive.
Diverse various; different; distinct; multiform.
Diverting entertaining; amusing; pleasing.
Divine heavenly; perfect; godlike; sacred; beautiful.



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Adjectives Starting with Do

Doable feasible; possible to do; capable to be executed.
Docile willing and ready to be taught; easily managed or handled; amenable.
Doe-eyed having gentle, dark and large eyes (especially of a woman).
Dogged showing or having the unyielding and persevering attitude to get or do something; steadfast.
Dollish like a doll (= a child's toy in the shape of a person, child or baby for example Barbie doll), especially in a way that does not seem truely natural.
Dominant ruling; governing; prevailing; controlling; most influencing.
Doting characterized by giving affection and love.
Doubtless certain; assured; without doubt; free from fear or failure.
Doughty brave; valiant; spirited; able.
Dovelike peaceful; gentle; pure and lovable.
Dovish peaceable or peaceful; preferring peaceful methods for solving problems (especially government, politicians or diplomats).
Down-to-earth realistic; practical.



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Adjectives Starting with Dr

Dramatic very noticeable or sudden, or full of action and excitement.
Dreamlike fantastic; resembling a dream.
Dreamy serene; soothing; sexy; attractive; wonderful; fantasy-like.
Driven passionate to achieve goals; strongly motivated.
Driving intense; forceful; acting with vigor; impelling; energetic; active.

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Droll amusingly odd.

Adjectives Starting with Du

Dulcet pleasing or sweet to the ear or taste; melodious; harmonious; very pleasant in a gentle way; agreeable.
Duplicate identical; double.
Durable stable; lasting; enduring; not consumed or depleted by use (especially in economics).
Duteous dutiful; being conscious of your duties and diligent in performing them.
Dutiful ready to perform; controlled by a sense of duty; respectful; obliging.


Adjectives Starting with Dy 

Dynamic active; changing; energetic; powerful; in motion.
Dynamite outstanding; superb.


Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

What Are Some Nice Adjectives That Start with D?

  • Doughty
  • Delectable
  • Definitive
  • Dulcet
  • Dapper
  • Diaphanous
  • Didactic
  • Desirable
  • Dazzling
  • Discerning


What Are Some Adjectives That Start with D to Describe a Person Positively?

  • Determined
  • Diligent
  • Devoted
  • Dynamic
  • Diplomatic
  • Disciplined
  • Daring
  • Decisive
  • Dovelike
  • Driven


Positive D adjectives conclusion

Now that you have explored a wide range of positive adjectives that begin with the letter D, from dazzling and delightful to dynamic and determined. Use these D adjectives to describe people with more enthusiasm and energy, explore positive emotions and discussions, and more.

Whether you're looking to boost your vocabulary, enhance your writing, creativity or simply spread positivity in your communication by incorporating these D adjectives. Let's dare to be different, diligent, and dignified, and dare to use these valuable D adjectives in our everyday language, because it can make a real difference. Thanks you for reading, you are dynamic dynamite!


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