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Resources | Best Online Tools for Writing and Success

Page is created for you to use when you’re looking for reputable tools to help you create a life you love. Make sure to bookmark this page and you have always the best writing, blogging and business tools in handy. Enjoy!

Before you travel onward know this… The list of tools below is what I use and love. Without a doubt, without these tools and resources, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. I want to disclose to you, that I’ll receive an affiliate commission from some of the services - marked with ❤️ - if you choose to take my recommendation.





GrammarlyWeb app that lets you improve your grammar, cut errors, detect plagiarism and much more. I’ve struggled with grammar and editing and that’s why I love Grammarly. It has helped me to improve my English a lot. You can install Grammarly also into your web browser and it will do it’s magic while you are writing. Neat!




HemingwayApp and tool that makes your writing clear and bold. Hemingway highlights complex, long sentences, common errors and gives you the power to improve your writing. I love Hemingway, because you can change your text without having to think much. I recommend you to check it out.




ScrivenerYou would like to have professional writing tool in your hands? Then get Scrivener. You don’t go back to Microsoft Word or the like after you have tried this. You can have thousands of blog posts, folders, ideas and loads of more all under one single file. If you ask from me, that is pure excellency! This is your only way to compose and write words.




EvernoteUltimate note-taking app. With Evernote you can collect and save almost anything from the web. You can capture whole websites or small part. You can take screenshots, save attachments, draw and sketch notes, save bookmarks, save audio recordings and use search even on hand-written notes. You can also invite and give access your friends and team to particular notes, so you can work together. With Evernote you get job done whatever it might be in the realm of note-taking. Save your email scripts, ideas and find them with ease and without hassle.




myNoiseWebsite and app to help you to focus and relax. I often listen “fireplace sound” while I’m writing. It helps me to focus and puts me in a good and relaxed mood. There is plenty of soundscapes you to choose from, anything between rain on a tent and cat purr. You can use it on a web browser or use the app on your phone for free. Try it, it’s well worth it.




DeepLBest web translator. DeepL outdoes all the competition and big tech giants like Google and Microsoft. Right now you can translate English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Polish. Check it out and see for yourself, it’s great! DeepL provides much more accurate and nuanced language translations than any other service today. Yes, it’s free.







BluehostHosting company that I fell in love with. Problems that I had before I started to use Bluehost are now gone. I have used at least half a dozen of other hosting companies in the past. Nothing comes close to Bluehost that I have tried. Today I host over 90 % of my websites on Bluehost. I’ve loved them from day one and I have zero complaints. If you are considering using WordPress as your website platform, then Bluehost is great choice. For example: Bluehost offers free SSL, free CDN and easy single-click-install for WordPress.




Thrive ThemesYou want to find the most advanced and complete WordPress website creating tool? You most probably have found it. Optimize your headlines, run A/B tests, create landing pages, build quizzes and plenty more. Thrive Themes has everything that you need to build a successful WordPress website. Excellent choice for business sites, professional bloggers and if you want the best.




DiviDivi (by Elegant Themes) is the ultimate theme, that is much more than a theme. Divi is a website building framework that is using WordPress. It’s simple to use and you can design beautiful websites without any coding skills. If you want to build beautiful and modern WordPress site with ease, then I recommend Divi for you.







ThrivecartShopping cart software/service that is super easy to use and has tons of features and integration possibilities. You can build sales funnels, add bump offers, build your own affiliate community and more. I'm using Thrivecart for example on my landing page at If you are planning to launch serious business or maybe you already are business owner, then check out Thrivecart. It is easily the best shopping cart what I know or have ever used and I'm confident that you will agree when you try it. Highly recommended.




PrettyLinksWordPress plugin that enables you to shrink, track, organize, cloak, share and test all of your links on your own domain (website) and server. You can turn your long URL's into a beautiful link like this:


PS. I do believe in these services, otherwise, I wouldn’t use them. Trust me, they’re worth their weight in GOLD! I recommend each one of them. Give them a go.