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Bulgarian music videos | Female singers

Popular Bulgarian pop-folk music is better known as a Chalga, which is a folk-inspired dance music genre and therefore often categorized also as an ethno-pop. Chalga is a blend of Bulgarian ethno-pop music that takes influences also from Arabic, Greek and Turkish music. 


Bulgarian Artists | Top 10 Female Singers & Stars

Tune in to listen beautiful Bulgarian Chalga music by top 10 Bulgarian female artists.


01. Tedi Aleksandrova - Alo, Alo ft Monkey

In 2009 Bulgarian singer Tedi Aleksandrova won a contest in the city of Montana during a tour organized by the music company "Payner" and she signed a contract with them a year later.

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02. Paloma by Tsak-Tsak ft Tedi Aleksandrova




03. Lina - Zaraza




04. Emanuela - Napravo V Kosha




05. Tina - Da Garmim ft. Tedi Aleksandrova




06. Bilyanish & Yanitsa - Top Lyubovnik



07. Mia-Mihaela - Zaribena ft. Djordan




08. Tsvetelina Yaneva - Boi, Boi




09. Yunona - Kolko Pati ft. Boris Dali




10. Maria - Davay, Razplachi Me



I just couldn't stop with only 10, because there is so much beautiful Bulgarian music. So here is another 10 amazing Bulgarian artists making this a top 20 list!


11. Danna - Toi




12. Aria - Zhivee Mi Se




13. Tatyana - Mazhkite Ti Nomera featuring Ax Dain




14. Djulia - Nozhat




15. Sarah Sarra & Sasho Roman - Vreden navik




16. Bilyana Lazarova - Puma




17. Ivy - Ludata Featuring Sasha Riko




18. Galena - Euphoria




19. Diona x Sasha Riko - Samo Teb




20. Kristiana & Yanitsa - Glavnata




BONUS: Ani Princess - Nomer Edno




BONUS: Andjelina - Az Sam Ogan


ps. To find and listen more beautiful music from Bulgaria, check out the Planeta Official Youtube channel



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