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Starface Music Videos

Starface is a female dancehall artist from Jamaica, Portmore, who is known for her savvy sexual style and catchy lyrics.

In 2019 Starface decided to go under plastic surgery for self-improvement and self-confidence, because she was uncomfortable with unwanted body fat. She got herself a liposuction and breast lift (mastopexy) surgery.

Tie Mi by Starface featuring Bryka (2021)




Starface, Maestro, Trizo - TRIO




One Man by Starface (2021)




Sex on Track by Starface (2020)




Born Wid It by Starface(2020)




Starface - Own Money (2019)




So What? by Starface (2019)




Starface - Ride It




Oh Yeah by Starface Featuring Eshconinco (2017)



"I was always a shapely person but I had rolls in my side, back fat and I had a little bulge with my belly and I didn't like it; that was my biggest problem,". "I did a breast lift and had the fat removed from my belly, side and back and transferred to my butt only. I never really had to do my breasts but you know how everything go, a fashion."

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