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MC Melody Music Videos

Melody is a Brazilian celebrity singer, songwriter, rapper, pop & funk artist.


MC Melody music videos

Listen the best & most popular music videos by MC Melody Doll.


Empina Balança by Melody (2022)




Bebe I Love You by Melody (2022)




Amor Bandido by Melody, Bella Angel feat Taty Pink (2022)




Fake Amor 2 by MC Melody (2022)




5K by MC Mirella & Rafa Pimental (2021)




Empoderada by MC Mirella, Melody e Bella Angel (2021)




Nocaute by MC Melody, Tilia (2021)




No Batidão by MC Henny, Bella Angel e Melody (2020)




Os Quatro Movimentos by MC Melody, MC Henny, Bella Angel e Nicks Viera (2020)




Vai Joga Devagar by MC Melody feat Mc Dede (2020)




Vai Rebola by MC Melody (2018)




Hoje eu tô um Nojo by MC Melody (2018)


MC Melody Doll

MC Melody - Gabriella Abreu Severino - also known just Melody is a pop singer and songwriter from Brazil. Melody was already showing her artistic skills when she was only 3 years old, following her father MC Belinho and her sister Bella Angel as influences.

The biggest hits of her early career were composed by her in partnership with her father and sister. Melody has more than 3 million subscribers on her official Youtube channel and 11 million Instagram followers (in 2022). Guided by her father Mc Belinho, Melody updates her Youtube channel frequently with covers, original songs and music videos, making her channel grow every day. Her music video "Vai Rebola" reached 3 million views in just 3 days.


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